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As an affordable Manchester wedding photographer, our team travels all around the UK. As an advertising agency, we offer discount codes through online purchase. We strongly recommend, if you are buying online offer from any other website or a third party through their site, please note there may be a £50 charge depending on the time and place. Please contact us prior to buy to give you more details. This might not show on their online offer depending on the platform used to avail the discounted offer. Please note in any case of a confirmed booking,  it's your responsibility to call back at least 24 prior to the event to reconfirm the details (Postcode and address, booking details, deposits and payments made). We do this from our end for our valued clients. In the case of no communication, the booking is subject to no show or cancellation. The Full Day Package start time between 8 am till 12 pm. Please note we don't offer RAW footage for any video or photos and the price mentioned does not include any RAW footage. If RAW footage is required there may be an extra charge and written consent is required. We don't take any responsibility of third party website advertisement so please feel free to reconfirm details prior booking


For Pre-wedding consultation please email us all the relevant details and someone will be in touch with you. The pre-wedding or engagement shoot includes up to 25 couple portraits for the time booked with us. The photos depend on your event planned i.e venue outdoor indoor.  The packages come with one medium of your choice either online or collection from store. Please note there is a charge of £25 to post the photos and video on your given address. Please note the standard delivery time is  12-16 weeks from the date of payment clearance. If due to any reason we are unable to contact you we can wait up to 8 weeks or two months after the agreed time of delivery or collection. There may be a charge of £100 to save your data with us if you are not contactable by any means provided to us. This depends on the circumstances where we do our best to offer you the best support we can. In case you lose all of our contacts details your photos and videos still on very high priority considering your privacy just find us on google as


Danarus Productions. Making moments unforgettable for you.

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